Acquisition Criteria

Our focus is on internet-resistant, daily-needs retail in dynamic sub-markets of major metropolitan areas.

PRICE:  $5m - $25m
SIZE:    20,000 sf or more


  • CA (San Diego, Los Angeles,
    Bay Area)

  • CO (Denver MSA)

  • OR (Portland)

  • WA (Seattle)

  • UT (Salt Lake City)

Sub-markets exhibiting a high concentration of medical and government service uses are of particular interest.



  • Neighborhood and community anchored centers

  • Strip centers (un-anchored)

  • Urban and mixed-use properties

  • Retail boxes with value creation potential

  • Creative office

  • Portfolios and individual assets.

  • Established locations with strong incomes and population growth.

  • Markets with barriers to entry.

  • Average household income in the upper percentile for the market.

  • Necessity-based retail properties.

  • Stabilized properties or properties in need of re-positioning, value enhancement or expansion.

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IRR Target: 12% (leveraged)

Hold: 5-7 year

Our Core-Plus strategy seeks currently cash-flowing assets that have a component that allows us to create value, though at a lesser degree than our Value-Add assets. Examples of such components are below market rents, acquiring the asset off-market at some discount.



IRR Target: 15% (leveraged)

Hold: 3-5 year

Value-Added opportunities offering potential near-term revenue enhancements that could result from re-positioning the tenant mix, leasing vacancies, building expansion space for existing or new tenants and building out pads.