Moon Valley Plaza

Investment Opportunity

15440 N 7th Street Phoenix, AZ 85022

Critical Dates                                                                                   

Funds to be wired by:     2/20/18                                        

Close of Escrow:              2/22/18                                        

JS Western Retail Investments, in association with Aldon Investments and Zachary Franks, is offering investors the opportunity to acquire the fee simple ownership of Moon Valley Plaza (Parcel 3), in an off-market transaction. Parcel 3 consists of 17,124 square feet of in-line strip retail segmented into 6-units. Located at the intersection of E. Coral Gables Drive and N. 7th Street in Phoenix, Arizona. The subject property is currently 92% occupied by 5 internet-resistant tenants: Advance Dental, Lookout Mountain Veterinary Clinic, Barro’s Pizza, Yoga Pura and Compliments Salon & Spa. Each of the existing tenants has occupied the shopping center for at least 14 years. There is one vacant space for lease. The vacant space is approximately 1,395 square feet (8% of the total leasable space).

Moon Valley Plaza – Parcel 3 is part of a larger shopping center (6 Parcels in total) totaling approximately 70,000 square feet with a shared parking field. Adjacent tenants include Anytime Fitness, Moon Valley Bible Church, a Circle K gas station and convenience store, and Moon Valley Grill. Aldon Investments is under contract to purchase the property with an estimated closing date of February 22th 2017.

The business plan is a long term hold for cash flow. Our Pro Forma reflects fixed rate debt at less than 40% Loan to Cost. Should market conditions warrant, we may consider a sale for profit within the first 2-3 years. However, our primary orientation is mid to long term hold for income.

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Equity Raise:                                    $2,225,000

Debt:                                                  $1,500,000

Total Capitalization:                       $3,725,000

Anticipated Hold Period:               5 - 10 Years

Building Type:                                  Retail

Square Footage (bldg):                   17,124 sf

CAP Rate:                                          9.07%